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New Patients

All osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

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new patients

Typically osteopathic treatment uses a range of manual techniques that include everything from soft tissue massage to joint manipulation. The treatment will depend on both the ailment and the condition of the patient.

Usually on first consultation the osteopath will take a detailed case history followed by an examination of the patient. The patient may be asked to undress down to their underwear in order for the practitioner to note postural disturbances & strain patterns. This may be followed by assessment of ranges of movement of particular joints in order to diagnose a condition.

A typical first appointment will last at least 45 minutes, although we do ask new patients to arrive a few minutes early to read through our information sheet and to sign a simple form. treatment will usually commence during the first appointment session if the osteopath feels that this is appropriate. Please bring details of any medication that you are taking, as well as any relevant test, scan or x-ray results. You may, of course, bring a vest top and a pair of shorts to put on if you feel that this would help you feel more at ease during the examination. You may also ask a friend or relative to join you if you wish to be accompanied throughout your treatment.

After formulating a diagnosis the osteopath usually discusses their findings with the patient before commencing any treatment. Advice and exercises will be offered when appropriate. The osteopath will also give the patient a prognosis of their condition, including the number of treatments that are likely to be required.