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Sudbury and Hadleigh Osteopaths

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on many factors including your specific condition, general health, age, diet, lifestyle and complying to exercises and stretches. Most patients feel benefit from the first couple of visits, and subsequent treatments are used to tackle the root cause and prevent re-occurrence. The treatments may then gradually be spaced out to provide long lasting relief.

Unlike some professions, Osteopaths will examine your condition before and after every treatment, and will then discuss when to book in again. There will be no pressure to ‘bulk buy’ treatments, and your prognosis will be discussed after every treatment.


How Long Do Appointments Last?

In general, treatments take about 45 minutes. We ask you to arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment, as we will give you and information sheet to read and sign, prior to your osteopathic consultation and treatment.


Does Treatment Hurt?

Treatment is generally non invasive and pain free. The Osteopath will provide you with advice on pain management using stretches, exercise and general management advice for your problem. Most patients will feel a reduction in their pain following their first treatment.


Are Your Treatments Safe?

Osteopathy has one of the best safety records of any medically related profession. Osteopaths are trained to recognise a wide range of conditions and when not appropriate to treat with osteopathy, a referral to another medical professional can be made if required. We are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and are governed by the Osteopaths Act (1993) which prodies regulation in a similar manner to those in place for doctors and dentists.


How Much Does It Cost?

Each appointment costs £40. Unlike some practices we do not charge more for the initial consultation, and we do not ask patients to book and pay for a course of treatment in advance. Treatment may be covered by some private medical insurance policies. If you wish to claim on such a policy, please be advised that we ask patients to settle their accounts with us at the time of treatment, and will provide a fully documented receipt to enable this to be settled directly between the patient and their policy provider.


Can I Use Health Insurance?

Most of our treatments will be covered by health insurance policies but it is best to check with you insurance provider first as individual policies may have exemptions. Except BUPA we ask patients to settle their accounts directly with the practice at the time of treatment. This allows patients some flexibility of choice of practitioner and location of treatment, and avoids the problem of policy excesses having to be implemented. We will provide a fully itemised receipt at the end of all treatments, to ensure that the claim can be settled directly with the policy holder.


Do You Offer Home Visits?

We do not offer home visits, as we have found that a more thorough examination and treatment is delivered in a clinical environment. If a patient is too acute to attend the practice, we are happy to offer advice and support over the telephone until the patient is mobile enough to attend for examination and treatment.


Can I be Referred By a Doctor or my GP?

You don’t need a doctors referral to visit us as we are a private practice, but some GPs will make referrals to us.


Do You Issue Off-work Certificates?

Where appropriate, yes. We issue Off Work Certificates as provided by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). These are accepted by employers and the DSS for benefit purposes, and are now referred to as ‘fit notes’.


How Can I Make an Appointment?

We only accept appointments that are confirmed by phone or made at our premises. You may call us weekdays during normal office hours on 01787 378848, 01473 828585 or 07770746224. Outside of these hours you can leave a message on our answer phone or fill in the Appointment Request Form on this website – we will then call you back to confirm. NB. No appointments will be accepted unless we confirm them verbally.

Frequently asked questions

All osteopaths are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

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